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Fast Character gets you playing fast.

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(1.) Choose Rank: If you're on this checklist, you already picked Rank 1: Rookie Level character. This Rank is normally only used for minor characters such as a hero's NPC dependents or "guy in a chair" sidekicks, or a villain's horde of minions.

(2.) Choose Occupation: Determines a few automatic Traits and Tags. (See here for list of Core Rulebook occupations.)

(3.) Choose Origin: Determines a few automatic Traits and Tags, and possibly a few bonus Powers. (See here for list of Core Rulebook origins.)

Some Traits may be chosen to allow a character to start with multiple default benefits...

  • Extra Occupation: Choose another occupation and gain its Traits and Tags.
  • Extraordinary Origin: Choose another origin and gain its Traits, Tags, and Powers.
  • Surprising Power: Gain a power without Rank, origin, or power prerequisites.

    Note that the Special Training Origin has more limited options for picking powers.

    (4.) Ability Scores: Divide up 5 points among Melee, Agility, Resilience, Vigilance, Ego, and Logic (maximum 4 in any one ability).

    (5.) Bonus Traits: Add 1 trait (see list).

    (6.) Bonus Tags: As desired, no limit (see list).

    (7.) Choose Power Sets and Powers: Many powers have prerequisites from their same Power Set tree or a related Trait. Pick up to 4 powers from one or more Power Sets.

    For a visual guide to the game's Power Trees, refer to the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Core Rules, p. 306-313, or the related rules over on Roll20 or Demiplane.

    For a brief overview of rules effects from all powers, see the list here.

    (8.) Unused Power Picks: Any allowed power picks not allocated for superpowers may instead be used to increase Ability Scores (one point per power pick, up to the maximum allowed by Rank), or add new Traits (one Trait per power pick).

    (9.) Determine Secondary Stats: Derived from the six M.A.R.V.E.L. ability scores...

    • Ability Combat Modifier (= ability score)
    • Ability Non-Combat Modifier (= ability score, possibly modified by powers)
    • Ability Damage Multiplier (= Rank, possibly modified by powers)
    • Ability Damage Modifier (= ability score, possibly modified by powers)
    • Ability Defense Score (= 10 + ability score, possibly modified by powers)
    • Health (= Resilience x 30; minimum 10) (like D&D physical hit points)
    • Focus (= Vigilance x 30; minimum 10) (like energy points, or "mental" hit points)
    • Health Damage Resistance (lowers damage effect due to certain powers such as Sturdy or Shield)
    • Focus Damage Resistance (lowers damage effect due to certain powers such as Uncanny)
    • Initiative Modifier (= Vigilance) ("E" = edge, kinda like D&D advantage)
    • Speed (= base Run Speed 5 if Agility 0 to 4, or base Run Speed 6 if Agility 5 or more, possibly modified by Size)
    • Climb, Jump, Swim Speed (= half base Speed rounded up, possibly modified by powers)
    • Flight, Glide, Swingline Speeds (available only from powers)
    • Karma (= Rank only if character has the Heroic Tag, otherwise 0 if no Heroic Tag)

    (10.) Character's Personal Details and Finishing Touches: Code name, real name, backstory, personality, motivations, and so forth. This part is just creative writing.